Marcus C. Bogue
San Francisco, Ca
knobs       The goal of a professional sound designer and sound engineer is to add a rich and scene appropriate soundscape to various media formats including films, animations, theater and sound installations. As a sound design engineer one very important aspect is to always listen to your client and provide them with the audio assets that will add a new sonic dimension to their art. One must remember that as audio designers and sound engineer we are providing a service to our clients. While the client may not always understand the technical aspects of audio engineering they will always know what they like and do not like. Working with other artists should not be a challenge and one must always listening to their constructive criticism, which will ensure that all parties are more than pleased with the final product. Various documentation that one provides for each project can help facilitate a professional working relationship. These documents include but are not limited to projected project schedules, audio design documents, scheduled meetings, required assets lists, and project budget proposals. Below you can find links to video and audio projects that I have worked on.

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