Marcus C. Bogue
San Francisco, Ca

      Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Marcus was involved with choir and marching band from an early age and was the percussionist for the school's band. He relocated to San Francisco, California to pursue a career in audio production. In less than a month after moving Marcus became the drummer for the band “Quick Leroy” and recorded, mixed and engineered their debut album “It's About Time.” He found that not only did he have a passion for performing but he also had an interest in the production and engineering of audio.

      Marcus is a graduate of The California Recording Institute's recording arts certificate program. He has worked as a producer and studio engineer on more than 20 tracks released on vinyl since early 2005, as well as tracks signed by Time Warner for use in various media formats. In 2007 Marcus was the winner of the Energy 92.7 Ultimate DJ Competition and became a resident Dj and produced and engineered a weekly radio show. He left the station to work on a Bachelor of Science degree in the audio production program at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. At Aicasf he worked with the Masters of Fine art department producing soundscapes and creating sound effects for animated short films. He also worked in the school's Walter Storyk designed studio. There he mixed, engineered and recorded for local bands, Foley artists, and VO talent. Marcus also acquired knowledge in advanced audio techniques including music theory, mastering, dialogue editing, surround sound mixing, and audio electronics. Marcus's senior project involves working with a local animation studio in charge of all aspects of postproduction, sound design, and music composition.

      “The science of audio engineering is the art of sound management, recording arts is and should be an invisible art form.” - MCBIV